Saturday, July 22, 2006


The Inevitability of finality

So this is it, we have arrived back in London in preparation for our departure back to that total turd of a country Australia. Lauren disagrees but still....... ok so its not a total turd country, your just rubbish at cricket. Whilst we have a few days left in london, i'm not going to be able to get to the internet for the next few days. Thus this will be the final actual on trip post of this blog. When i get home I'll tie up the Blog, do some trip summaries and actually maybe even start a new Adams Daily Life Blog. Blogs are fun. The trip has been awesome, everything i expected it to be and more. England is awesome, and i really do want to move over here to live. its something im going to look at doing over the next few days.......... Don't panic Mum i meant years! Anyways from Us in London, its Au Revior, Ciao, Auf Wiedersehen & Goodbye.

Friday, July 21, 2006


The Final Days in scotland

Out of all the places we have been aside from London which just felt like home, and Manchester which was just special to me, Edinburgh has been the best place we have been, including Venice. Lauren is making some annoying sound in my ear, called Bitching because she couldn't get any twisties. The importer of twisties decided to eat them all himself so nobody else can get any. Back to reality though, Edinburgh just has a feel about it, that takes you back to what life would have been in simpler times, its Chillaxed. The Landscape of scotland is as raw & powerful as you will see anywhere, you know that had you been here 1000 years ago it would have looked exactly the same. Its just a shame about the scottish people really........ Lol not true, but they have had a few digs at the english so i needed to get one back. We even got to check out the Royal Infirmary. Which is of course the Hospital! better yet we got to check it out at 2am in the morning! Lauren being clever as usual decided to test the effect of burning ones finger on a super hot light globe, the effects were as expected painful to the extent that we made a trip to the hospital to check it out. They said that they couldn't really do anything for the pain which was excessive , even 2 hours after the incident. We got the taxi home and brought some ice cream to Cool her finger! All fun and games. I've contracted the Flu as well which has dampened the occasion, But scotland still rocks! Back to London tommorow before heading home!


Edinburgh Castle

Right in the middle of town is this Castle!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006



We have arrived in Edinburg. Its Awesome i must say, alot better than what i expected, its like being in a medievil town. if you took the Cars away it really would be like an ancient kingdom from the lands of King Arthur Just had the best meal i've had since i left Australia. Pepper steak with mashed potato & vegies, twas awesome. A few tours to do in scotland before heading down, not going to be able to do nessie unfortunately though.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006



Well we have left London for now, and have arrived in Manchester, the Journey took 2 hours on what was a surprisingly impressive train, better than anything in Europe except for the ICE trains in germany. Credit Virgin Trains. On the way into Piccadiliy Station ( Manchester Central) We pasted Stockport and Edgeley park, home of Stockport County. We might try and head there tommorow and get some shots Before We head to scotland. Once we arrived at the Hostel we headed towards Old Trafford, To say i was as giddy as a school girl would be an understatement. We took the metrolink to Old Trafford Station, walked past the Old Trafford Cricket Ground, Walked past the Trafford Pub and onto Sir Matt Busby Lane. Where the Magnificent Old Trafford Stadium Presented itself, Home to Manchester United The Greatest Football Club in the world. Took lots of photos and went on an excellent Tour of the Stadium & Museum. Then went to the Megastore and spent a million quid. All in all a great day! I can honestly say that the Theatre of Dreams was everything i hoped it to be, and i look forward to my return for an actual match! Lots of photos uploaded so enjoy! Scotland Tommorow.


European Cup

The big one, The European Cup, the biggest prize in Club Football. United have won it twice. Once under Sir Matt in 1968, the Other under Fergie in 1999 , a game which i watched at 5 in the morning as a young lad.



The trophy Room, it was Large! Here you can see the FA Cup, 2nd from the left. The Premiership Trophy (Middle) , Uefa Super cups & Cup winners Cup. ( Lower Right). Lots of other Silverware as well.


Leading the Lads out

Here i am leading the lads out. The tour actually included some speakers simulating the noise of Old trafford. It was pretty impressive.


The Tunnel

Think of all the greats who have walked down this tunnel to do battle under the colours of United.


Standing in the Presence of Greatness

So many greats down the years have been in the Old Trafford Home Dressing Room. Edwards, Best, Charlton, Robson, Cantona to name but a few. Undoubtably todays squad, this young lad here is the Greatest player, Rooney ain't bad Either.


The Dressing Room

Where Fergie delivers his famous Hair Dryer treatment out to the players.... Only when they deserve it im sure.....


International Honours Board.

A List of all internationals to have play for United.


The Home Dugout

Standing in the great mans place. Sir Alex often stands in this Spot during the match.


The Old Press Conference Room & Our Tour Guide

Our Tour Guide, Ian a smashing chap. Full of good Humour. This was the old Press room, too small these days


I Look Happy

Looking Happy, Standing infront of the North stand.


My First View

My first view of the actual pitch!


The Kit Room

Inside the Bowels of Old Trafford, The Kit Room, you can see a few of the Kits I've got at home in there


Sir Matt Busby

Immortalized forever to watch over Old Trafford.





We are getting closer

Sir Matt Busby, Along with Sir Alex the Two Greatest Managers the World has ever Seen. This is the Road leading to Old Trafford.


The Lancashire Rose

The Lancashire Rose, Meaning one thing. We have arrived in Manchester!



Dropped on Hiroshima, this little baby is a 100% Nuclear Bomb. It Blows things up. Lauren wanted one, but they wouldn't let her have it.


The Spitfire

The most famous British Fighter Plane ever, the Supermarine Spitfire!



The best American Fighter of the WWII, imagine this coming towards you!


The National War Museum

We spent a good 5 hours in here after the London eye, it was Brilliant.


Downing St

Home of the Prime Minister, Mr Tony Blair, but for how much longer??


Buckingham Palace

The Royal Palace from the Eye


The New Wembley Stadium

The Brand Spanking New & Late Wembley stadium as seen from the London Eye.

Monday, July 17, 2006


Big Ben Shot

Finally i can actually get the shot on the Post, took awhile!


At the top of the world!

Well at least london! Next up the views!


The Capsule!

Our new age transportation vehicle to the stars!


The London Eye

Towering above the city, is the fantastic london eye!



You can see the Lords stadium here a vastly different cricket ground to the MCG. The MCG is mahoosive, where as Lords is alot smaller, more refined, more gentleman like.


Lords New Age Media Center

Lords High Tech Media Center from the back


Good to see 1 Arsenal Logo

With so many Emirates logos on the stadium its good to see they didn't completetly sell themselves out.


Emirates Stadium

This is Arsenals new stadium. 60'000 Capacity, 20'000 thousand more than Highbury, but still 16'000 less than Old Trafford, an Ultra Modern ground in a similar design to that of Sydneys Olympic Stadium.


The Highbury Facade

The Stadium backs onto a street, no wider than Jedda St, seriously it would be like placing a massive stadium next door to home. Over time i guess the areas have built up around the grounds, but Match Days would be hectic.


Highbury, the Former home of the Gunners

Arsenals Former ground Highbury, I had no idea how old it actually would look up close, you can see why they moved to a new Stadium, which is about a 3 min walk from this one.


Stamford Bridge

Stamford Bridge, Home of Chelski Football Club, the Ground is just lodged right into the middle of the suburb, houses all around it. they actually have housing developments built off the actual stadium. Chelsea Village some crap like that.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


London Day 6

A day of markets, first we headed to Portobello Rd, which despite its reputation was pretty poor, a more antique sort of market, well its more a street with shops either sides, than a traditional market. Found a few decent shops though. We then headed out to Camden Town , which had a great market, lots of good stuff, Funny t-shirts, cheap bags, paintings etc, some Good stuff to be had. Would have been great to have more money, so that we could buy more stuff, but you get that. Tommorow we do the London Eye, and a few museums and the like. No pictures today as the normal internet shop is shut.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


London Day..... 5 maybe

Totally lost track of how long We've been here. Last night we went to see the Lion King, which was amazing, not as good as phantom although Lauren thought it was better. The Sets & Costumes were fantastic. Today We are going to try and head to Arsenal & Chelsea land to see what there scum grounds look like, We shall also pop into Lords where England are dominating Pakistan, i don't think we shall catch any of the game though. Tonight we are going to head to the Jongeleurs comedy venue. Tommorow Portobello Rd Markets!



Its Ok Wayne, we all still Love You.



Adam & Johnny

Look at the Miracle Man Johnny!

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